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Digital Data In One Place For Your Finance & Marketing Needs

Manage, Control and Share data from your e-commerce platform, marketplace, POS, e-wallet, accounting systems and many more. 

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What You Can Do With MyDataHub.Ai?

MyDataHub.Ai Financing

Access to Financing

Get access to innovative financing from our partners, collectively worth RM150mil to be disbursed. 

Our partners offer a variety of financing packages that suits your needs – Revenue Based Financing, B2B Buy Now Pay Later, Term Financing. 

MyDataHub.Ai Marketing

Better Marketing ROI

We help analyze your customer data and provide actionable insights. This service is currently only available to Easystore users. Tell us what other platforms you are using and we  will do our best to connect. 


We also can help you target better on many advertising platforms such as REV Media, MCIL, MGID, META, TikTok.

MyDataHub.Ai Ecosystem 

Partner Platforms That Serves To Host Business Digital Data.

They include e-commerce branded store platforms, marketplaces, POS, Accounting, e-wallets and many more:

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Easy Access To Financing and Better Marketing ROI In Just 3 Simple Steps


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Business Digital Data

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About MyDataHub.Ai

MyDataHub.Ai is a platform for you to manage, control and share all your business digital data in one place to get faster financing and better marketing.

This platform is owned by MDEC and operated by Dattel Asia Group.

Our objective is to make data sharing safe and outcome oriented so that it brings business value.

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  • What is MyDataHub.Ai?
    MyDataHub.Ai is a platform for you to manage, control and share all your business digital data in one place so to get faster financing and better marketing.
  • Who owns MyDataHub.Ai?
    MyDataHub.Ai is owned by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation and operated by Dattel Asia Group.
  • Why should I register with MyDataHub.Ai?
    By registering yourself with MyDataHub.Ai, you are able to connect multiple sources of data into one place so that you can use your data to facilitate in getting financing and/or help you understand/define your customers better for your marketing activities.
  • Do I need to pay to use MyDataHub.Ai?
    Registration and use of MyDataHub.Ai is FREE. You will only be charged for premium services and will be notified before you proceed if there is any charges.
  • Is my data secure with MyDataHub.Ai?
    MyDataHub.Ai sits on a secure infrastructure to ensure that your data is safe. any sharing of data is always based on your permission. Without your permission data will not be shared.
  • What kind of business digital data can I connect to MyDataHub.Ai?
    MyDataHub.Ai connects with popular digital platforms that you use to operate your business. it ranges from e-commerce store, marketplace, POS, accounting system, e-wallets, payments systems and social media platforms.
  • Who are partners?
    Currently, the following are MyDataHub.Ai partners: Financing Choco Up Jenfi Funding Societies Marketing Facebook TikTok REV Media Group MCIL MGID Digital Platforms EasyStore Desamall operated by e-Lokal TikTokShop Lazada Shoppee
  • What if my business digital platform is not available?
    If you do not see your business digital platform, please connect with our team at MyDataHub.Ai and we will assist accordingly.
  • What kind of data will be shared to financiers?
    The only data that will be shared to financiers from your business digital platforms is at least 6 months of historical sales data from all the connected platforms.
  • What kind of data will be shared for marketing?
    This service is only applicable to your own branded stores, if you use EasyStore as a platform for your store. The only data that will be shared and processed are the patterns of customer purchase behavior on your platform. This will help us to identify some of the following things for you: Loyalty scale of your customers so that you can target your promotion strategy with better ROI Identify for you new audience segment that you can target on any media platforms
  • Is MyDataHub.Ai ONLY limited to financing and marketing?
    NO, but at the point of launch these are the services that is offered via MyDataHub.Ai
  • How can I be a partner to MyDataHub.Ai?
    We are always looking for the following: Digital Platforms Financing Partners Marketing Partners Data Owners Data Users Please connect with Cheah Hann Chuan (email: )
  • What is the interest rate for financing via MyDataHub.Ai partners?
    The rates vary from partners based on respective assessment. Please connect with them and they will advice accordingly.


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